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Karen Lundquist Art Blog

Dear Beloved

by karenl , May 4, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: what the letter says…

An open letter from Jesus to you, His Beloved. This 11×14 photographic print is available as "Dear Beloved" or can be personalized at no extra cost. What a special gift to your spouse or friend when they read "Dear Mary Ann..." Photo credit:NASA. Price includes postage.

The letter reads: "Dear Beloved, I love you so much!You have no idea. I came to earth to love you in person.My love for you is so complete, no one can love you more than I do. To show you the fullness of my love, I willingly died for you. Believe on me and your sins are forgiven and forgotten. Know my Spirit who has come to live inside you and we__™ll spend eternity together.

Until later, with so much love, Jesus"




  Millie Smith ( homepage )

05/04/2009 * 13:20:26

Love the letter. I What a wonderful truth! Glad to see this on artid. Millie

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