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Jerry Winick About

Jerry Winick is an artist who uses a pencil as a painter uses a paintbrush. He has taken the art of pencil drawing to new heights. Winick spends many hours at the drawing board creating each of his pieces. It is not unusual for him to spend three months on a single drawing, constantly building and developing it to it__™s conclusion. Winick__™s style of photorealism is so unique that most people, when viewing his work for the first time, find it difficult to imagine that these drawings are done with only of a pencil. The sharp point that Winick uses is ideally suited for the exacting detail that he desires in his drawings. The artist had been drawing for most of his life, is self taught and is a teacher of pencil drawing at Pencilworks Studio, which he owns. He has won more that 300 awards for his drawings and his works may be found in numerous private collections as well as in museums in the New York metropolitan area. The Winick collection is available as signed and numbered limited edition lithographs. Each reproduction is made under the artists supervision. Add Comment



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