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Kara Rivera Art Blog


by Kara , April 24, 2010—05:44 AM

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Hello! I was looking for an art blog and stumbled apon this one. I'm 21 and looking to have a life-long career in art. I'm excited to see all of the artwork on here and even more excited that I may find some good advice from aged artists!! Good day to everyone :)




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

04/27/2010 * 13:10:57

I'm aged and I'm cool with it. Aged, experienced, "been around the block", seasoned, senescent, "been there a few times". Semantics aside, how can we help you Kara?
What would you like to know?


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

04/25/2010 * 17:33:01

I'm from a wine region, so I guess I'll take aged as respect for my ever increasing quality!!!!


  Kara Rivera ( homepage )

04/25/2010 * 04:11:42

Thank you June! Experienced is a much better word :)


  June Maffin ( homepage )

04/24/2010 * 17:51:19

Hi Kara,

I love your excitement and anticipation at making a career as a professional artist. Good luck to you! Begin posting your art. ;-) Btw, there are many "experienced" artists here who are in their 30's and 40's ... hardly "aged" artists. ;-)

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