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House on a Hill in Nova Scotia II

by kali , June 27, 2008—08:23 AM

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Today is one of those thunder shower days that make you grateful to have a connection to nature. I've attached one of my local paintings of this area that I recently completed. I live in the rich Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia which is one of spirits "bread baskets" and is visually very beautiful. Hope it lifts your spirits like it does mine.




  Arnie Porter

08/31/2008 * 14:34:37

I love these earth colored ariel landscapes. They see things from a little higher and thus raise us from the mouse-like daily preoccupations that keep us from seeing the majesty of life! Arnie


  Susan Geddes ( homepage )

06/30/2008 * 18:57:53

Thank you Caroline I appreciate the feedback, the world can be very colourful.
Cheers Susan


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

06/27/2008 * 22:02:42

Delightful antidote to the "poison" gray light that local smoke-filled skies have brought. There is still color in the world!

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