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Cliff Saccoccio About

I am primarily a photographer, but also work in various media. I hold a degree in Visual Fine arts from Manchester Community College and am currently attending the University of Connecticut. Add Comment


My goal and philosophy is to simply create something that connects with the viewer. To that end, I do not title any of my photographic works and if there is a title attached to it, it is as documentary as I can get it. I shoot people and scenes that interest me, but what I take away from the frame may be entirely different than what you see. I do not want to impose my personal opinions onto your experience. I simply try to capture moments of time that I find interesting and express something that others may enjoy as well.

All of my work is influenced by a great many photographers ranging from Sally Mann and Jock Sturges to Bill Brandt and Henri Cartier-Bresson. I love work that expresses something about the person in the scene or the moment in time that the frame was captured. I try to emulate that with my art, be it something as simple as how a children's playground looks after a rain shower or something being expressed by a model.

I work collaboratively with all of my models. I let them explore the area we are in as well as themselves within that space. When I or we find something that is worth further exploration, I lend my eye to the scene and help adjust the natural lines and emotions so that the viewer can enjoy the scene as well.

I have won the Simonds Award for Photographic Excellence in 2006 and was published in Photographer's Forum 'Best of College Photography Annual 2008.' Since then I have been working towards a career and decided it was time to try to share my art with the larger world and see what people think. I hope you enjoy and I thank you for looking and your patronage!


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