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Jyoti Tamhane About

Jyoti an artist from India deals with more matured and serious subjects such as Indian Philosophy, and iconography. Here displayed on the website are few of her paintings that span her repertoire. "My main aim is to give give viewers a 'thoughtful' and 'pleasing' presentation through my paintings" says she. Add Comment


Jyoti, a Commercial Artist and freelancer from Gujarat now settled in Mumbai, took a courageous decision to restart her pursuit of 'Art' after a yawning gap almost 25 years after graduation. She held her first exhibition of 'Oil & Water Colour Paintings' in Mumbai depicting her impressions of Rajasthan and its rural folk. She has also participated in exhibition conducted by a well-known Gallery "Artist Centre, Mumbai". In her earlier career, she was a regular participant in"Gujarat State Art Exhibition".

For last twenty years or so, she kept in touch with her 'Art' by conducting regular 'Art & Craft classes' for women and children. Notably she volunteered to conduct 'Art Exhibition' for spastic children which infact proved to be the turning point in her career. She was so deeply impressed with the "will to win of the spastic children" and it inspired her to unshackle "Artist" in her from the household duties that a housewife ordinarily gets entangled in.


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