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June Maffin Art Blog

I Think I Can - I Think I Can - I Did!

by junemaffin , April 27, 2010—09:05 PM

Topics: CreativeSpirituality, Journal, creative, creativity, encouragement, journaling

Have been invited to be Theme Speaker at a National Conference in September so suggested participants bring a Journal as we'll be doing some Creative Spirituality Journaling over the weekend. But most don't "journal" yet so don't have a Journal. What did I do but suggest they get a small group together and I'd teach them how to create a simple Journal! Huh? Problem was - I'd never made a Journal. But, thanks to Bev Allen for her encouragement from afar, now I have.

I'm calling it the Pocket Journal: one signature, leather cover, embellishments if desired, really simple to make and fits in a pocket/purse. ;-) Love the philosophy of little children's book The Little Engine That Could: "I think I can, I think I can - I did!" And, I did. ;-) Now, to do a second one to make certain I know what I created - and can teach it to others.

So what is it that you "think you can" do / create but aren't doing trying? You can do it! ;-)




  Rita McGregor ( homepage )

07/19/2010 * 11:46:56

I see you enjoy different kinds of creative challenges--from zentagles to journal-making to writing. And you do them well. Being creative is food for the soul, isn't it? Ahhh! :)

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