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June Maffin Art Blog

Art is All Around!

by junemaffin , January 29, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, play, soul, workshop

Art is all around! Sometimes, though, we need to be in new places, experience creative possibilities/art techniques and play so that our ability to create is stimulated and renewed. If this is you (or you know someone for whom this is true), I encourage you to consider something radical ... a trip to Prague, the Czech Republic September 26 to October 2nd!

There, your art and soul will connect in exciting new ways through a "Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul" workshop. For more info, check out the website: and this recent article: or my website: And in the meantime, hope you'll delight in this looking at this tree I photographed on a walk in nearby woods - a gentle reminder that "art is all around!"



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