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June Maffin Art Blog

"We, too, must be creators."

by junemaffin , December 28, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: CreativeSpirituality, art, creativity, photography, spirituality, watercolour

"Once we realize that we are truly created in the Creator's image, we will start to understand that we, too, must be creators. When we understand this fact, the doors will burst wide open ..." (Katherine Solomon).

Facebook has a special Group for anyone interested in the connection between creativity and spirituality. It's called "Creative Spirituality" and the latest discussion is about the above quote. You're welcome to join us, reflect and share how you understand your role as 'creator.'

P.S. Took the photo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Photography is becoming one of the ways I express myself and understand my role as 'creator' (more about that on the Facebook group "Creative Spirituality" discussion page) and am hoping one day to try painting it! 2010 Challenge methinks. ;-)




  Gwendolyn Gresham

08/16/2010 * 21:33:50

Interesting thoughts...I recently read Barbara Reynold's Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul. There is an entire chapter about Creativeness and some original ideas DLS had about the connection between our own creativity and the creativeness of the Trinity. Then, even more recently, I read Madeleine L'Engle's Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art. She, too, talks about our all being creative since we are made in the image of God the Creator.

The idea that we never create alone but always with the Spirit from whence comes our inspiration (even if we don't recognize it) is one that is easily understood when you consider how many writers talk about how they saw a character in their mind's eye and simply followed it, or that the story 'came to them'.

You have some beautiful photographs and paintings posted here, June. I admire your energy in pursuing whatever pulls you. Beautiful journal. If we were closer physically, I could lend you a stack of book-making books but you don't need them now!

Now I'll go look for the group you mentioned on Facebook. Thanks for the inspiration!


  June Mack Maffin ( homepage )

12/28/2009 * 21:03:23

Thank you, Millie, for your affirming and encouraging comments - it means a great deal. I am a great admirer of your lovely art. To join the Creative Spirituality group on Facebook, you'll need to join Facebook - and then do a 'search' for Creative Spirituality and then a prompt should appear directing you to the home page where you will be invited to subscribe/join. I look forward to seeing you there! ;-)


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

12/28/2009 * 14:38:37

I very much agree with what you say in your blog. How do you join in this group? I love this photo also. You do create wih the camera wonderfully. Millie

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