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June Maffin Art Blog

CreativeSpirituality on Facebook

by junemaffin , April 1, 2009—12:45 PM

Topics: art, artistic, creative, creativity, soul, soulistry, spiritual growth, spirituality

ArtID subscribers are finding their way to the new Facebook group ... "CreativeSpirituality" I've recently created.

The rationale for the group: I believe that we have all been gifted with creativity in some way and that all people have a spiritual component to their humanity.

While I wouldn't self-define as a watercolourist, painter, sculptor, fibre artist, calligrapher, dancer, architect, photographer, singer, quilter etc., I would self-define as a CreativeSpirituality Artist - a coined phrase to describe the connection between creativity and spirituality as expressed in my artistic endeavours.

Fascination with the connection between art and soul resulted in the birth of "Soulistry" (Artistry of the Soul ... and the creation of the CreativeSpirituality Facebook group which offers space to chat about creativity and spirituality and network with other artists and seekers.

Let's encourage one another in our creative/artistic ventures and expressions and grow in our understanding and expression of spirituality in our lives and art and by checking out group's Wall and Discussion Board (where conversations on Inspiration, Shadows, Failure have begun) and joining in the conversations.



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