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June Maffin Art Blog

Who Would Have Thought?

by junemaffin , March 2, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: creative, encouragement, meditation, self-growth, soulistry, spirituality

I've just returned from setting-up my first showing of the Soulistry "MirrorMeditations."

What a morning! The local library gifted local artists with an invitation to hang their artwork for a full month last fall. At that time, a conversation began within me --- Do you consider yourself to be an artist? if so --- will you accept this invitation? If so ... what will you hang/show? ... how much will you price each item? ... what will you 'name' each piece? ... are the MirrorMeditations "art" or is the library expecting watercolour/oil/acrylic on canvas/paper? The questions I've had since the possibility entered my thoughts last fall have been endless.

But, this past month, I've photographed, 'named' and priced the mirrors, created accompanying display cards and this morning, the library welcomed my "art".

Watershed moment. And now I ponder possibilities as to where this showing might lead.

Where it leads is to more questions ... continue making the "MirrorMeditations"? ... incorporate them as part of the "Soulistry" workshops and retreat "hands-on" art techniques? ... sell the mirrors? ... all three?

The art-expression of "Soulistry" began with the creation of the mirrors when I was recovering from mercury poisoning. At first, it was simply a matter of embellishing / painting / staining some wooden frames I had in the house. Then the "Seeing ... Me" meditation was birthed and found its way on the back of each mirror (thus the MirrorMeditations title). Then some friends asked if they could buy some as gifts for Christmas. Then ...

The "then" evolved to now --- when, who would have thought it possible I could be invited to offer Soulistry workshops in Italy and Prague in 2010? (I have!) --- who would have thought it possible I would be writing a "Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul" book? (I am!) --- who would have thought it possible that I'd start a Facebook group called CreativeSpirituality (I did!) and that before its first week, dozens had subscribed?

"Who would have thought?" Guess that's the question of the day for me. I know I wouldn't have thought any of this was possible and yet --- it all has been.

The lesson in all of this for me is to ask the questions ... follow the "still, small voice" of possibilities ... ignore the voice of self-doubt and self-criticism --- and follow my passions of connecting creativity with spirituality and encouraging others. So, now I'm off to finish uploading more photos of the MirrorMeditations into my ArtID gallery and onto my Flickr site ("junitha").

"Who Would Have Thought" that I'd be writing this blog piece? Not me! But, that's the way life has been going lately --- and it's all fun. Hope you're able to make time to play, create, and have fun this week because in such opportunities, self-growth/spiritual growth/creative growth can happen. ;-)




  lady macleod ( homepage )

03/31/2009 * 09:02:02

Oh well done. I love the name of your blog and I have enjoyed my visit.

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