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June Maffin Art Blog


by junemaffin , February 25, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: art, creativity, spirituality

I believe that everyone is an artist - that they have been gifted with creativity in some way. Many have identified that gift and nurture it in unique ways here at ArtID. I delight in viewing the various galleries and reading the blogs for your artwork nourishes my spirit.

While I wouldn't self-define as a watercolourist or a painter, sculptor, fibre artist, calligrapher, dancer, architect, photographer, singer, quilter etc.,I would self-define as a CreativeSpirituality Artist. It's a description I've come up with to describe what and why I do what do for I__™m fascinated by the connection between creativity and spirituality - between art and soul.

The butterfly is a wonderful (wonder-filled) symbol for me ... of new birth ... beginnings ... creativity and spirituality ... evolution, so that's why I've used it for this blog post.

Fascination with the connection between art and soul has resulted in the birthing/ evolution of "Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul" workshops and retreats ... as has my involvement with ArtID ... and now, the creation of a new Facebook group: "CreativeSpirituality"

Facebook's "CreativeSpirituality" is a cyberplace offering space to chat about creativity and spirituality, share thoughts and experiences, ponder possibilities, raise questions, network with other like-minded artists. Here's a link to the group with an invitation to join.

The more who contribute to the conversations, begin new subjects, comment on existing posts, share thoughts and experiences, post artwork, etc., the more we__™ll encourage and be encouraged by one another in our creative/artistic ventures and expressions and grow in our understanding and expression of spirituality in our lives and art.

So, I invite you to join the group - and if you do, it would be great to learn that you found the group via ArtID - helping to "spread the ArtID word" in the Facebook community. ;-) I look forward to seeing you there! ;-) June




  Shanthy ( homepage )

03/21/2009 * 07:49:32

Very true.Everybody is blessed with artistic talent

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