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Why Do Some Sell and Others Don't

by junemaffin , February 4, 2009—12:00 AM

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What determines the value - worth of a painting? Why would one person pay for a piece of art and not pay for another? What makes this water colour painting of some birch trees worthy of financial reimbursement and another of the same scene not? Personal preference ... technique ... something "unique"? I'm stumped. But grateful that some sell! ;-)





08/02/2009 * 17:10:47

she listened in the evening breeze
words tumbling upon chapel pews where
hold eternal love so new

now birches white among all trees
bladed grasses tall as knees
still as breezes sweep day on day
hangs sweet memory of the listener's way


  Tranquility ( homepage )

02/25/2009 * 22:26:38

I've wondered that as well. I think it must be personal preference as well as what a buyer intends to use the art for (does he/she have a specific room to decorate, a book theme to illustrate, etc?).

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