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June Maffin Art Blog

Presents - or Presence?

by junemaffin , December 20, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art, creative, gift, soulistry, spirituality

The busyness of life grabs at us ___ the anxiety produced by the seemingly never-ending economic woes with predictions of recession and depression scream at us on the evening news. No time. No energy. No creative juice. No zest for life. ___What__™s the balance?___

Maybe it__™s in giving ourselves permission to be a human ___be-ing___ rather than a human ___do-ing.___ Expectations (self-imposed, others) infringe on our lives, and so often we don__™t allow ourselves to simply ___be___ ___

I wonder - instead of doing everything which seems to be draining to the extent that the passion-to-create , the desire to spend quality time with self/family/close friends is no longer paramount (or maybe even existent) in your day, maybe it__™s time to set aside In this Season of Presents, give yourself the gift of Presence ___ presence to yourself. In so doing, you give yourself permission to do nothing ___productive__™ from a worldly perspective for a specified time (a morning; a day; a week; until New Year__™s Day? ).

Instead, let yourself play ___ dabble with new colours and shapes with no thought to the outcome; dance and sing and hum to music in your studio ___ have no judgment on what is being created; no ___job___ in mind; no thought as to how it can be used ___down the road___ ___ simply the joy of creating ___ for its own pleasure ___ for whatever time frame you give yourself.

Before you know it, the time you take to simply ___be___ will become the catalyst for that precious balance you so genuinely seek to emerge.

You can do it all __" over time ___ one day ___this___; one day ___that___. Acknowledging your problem is half-solving the problem. The other half comes ___in time.___

The Greeks have two words for the English word time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is what we refer to as chronological time. Kairos is that sense of time that is ethereal, magical, mystical, spiritual. And that__™s what ___being___ is all about. ;-)

And yes, this is what I offer in Soulistry workshops and retreats ( - help people to learn to simply ___be,___ because in our be-ing the spirit grows, wholeness emerges and personhood evolves.

Hope you__™ll give yourself the Gift of Presence ___ soon - not just at this Season of Presents time of the year ___ but all year round!



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