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June Maffin Art Blog

Christmas Joy!

by junemaffin , December 12, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: calligraphy, creativity, e-book, play, soulistry, spiritual growth, spirituality

This Christmas "JOY" card for each of you was initially created as an experiment to see what I could do with the zentangle technique and a Christmas theme. I'd played with Christmas bells, trees, angels, stars and ball-shapes and then decided to see how it would work out with letters. I'm not an experienced calligrapher so thought I'd stick with as few alphabet letters as I could - and, as I'm feeling particularly "joy-filled/joyful" these days, the word selection was easy: JOY! I drew the letters and then zentangled inside them. Using gel pens, I coloured the outer white spaces with either green/gold/red/silver and then ... voila!

The reason for my joy is simple. Three-fold, actually. For almost five years, I've been dealing with mercury poisoning which brought a variety of unpleasant side effects etc., but this past year, energy has been returning slowly but surely; my first e-book is about to be launched; and Soulistry has been evolving - to the point that 2009 bookings are coming in and 2010 too ... including an invitation to offer a week-long Soulistry Workshop in Italy in 2010!

Talk about being humbled and encouraged in this new Soulistry venture! Wouldn't I just love it if people signed up for the Soulistry week so I could get to Italy? You bet! Even though I do try hard with the calligraphy, damage done by the mercury poisoning is calligraphically restricting though gratefully, it hasn't stopped me from being creative in other ways or in teaching others to play, create and grow spiritually ... thus, Soulistry! ;-)

I hope your curiosity about Soulistry will encourage you to check out my website (, my ArtID blog and Gallery. Should you be interested in the Tuscany (Italy) Soulistry Retreat in 2010, send me an email (junemaffin at gmail dot com) and should you know of any group/organization who might welcome a Soulistry Retreat or Workshop, would be appreciative of your passing on information to them. I'm learning the importance of networking!

In the meantime, may you be blessed this holiday season in ways you can't even ask or imagine; may there be grace-filled moments of joy, peace, love and hope; and in the New Year, may the world be a kinder place for all.

June Maffin



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