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June Maffin Art Blog

The Launch

by junemaffin , October 23, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: creativity, spirituality

With the launch of the Soulistry Workshops and Retreats comes the question from prospective clients "What do you offer in the workshops and retreats?" It's taken a bit of doing but I've now put together a one-page outline and so far, the reception has been very positive. ;-) As Soulistry's intention is to offer workshops and retreats "connecting spirituality and creativity" thought I'd post that sheet here in the hopes that ArtID folk network can share info about new creative possibilities. ;-)

Living in Shawnigan Lake, on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, the mist on the lake is often mysterious and filled with promise at the same time. That's the image of Soulistry at this moment in its history. Misty - mysterious - filled with promise. Will this new venture be productive, successful, meet the needs of participants, meet my own expectations? Time will tell - and the good news is --- behind the mist is the sunshine. ;-)

Here's that one-page I've prepared (better format version available on my website:

SOULISTRY: ARTISTRY OF THE SOUL connecting creativity and spirituality

workshop / retreat possibilities

Accordian and Pop-Out Square Booklets: Create two easy-to-make booklets for marbelling, zentangles, mandalas etc.

Anglican Prayer Beads: Make your own Anglican Prayer Beads and be introduced to a unique way of prayer/meditation. Bricosoulages: Learn an art process depicting various themes, sets of words/phrases, stages and time frames in one__™s spiritual journey and life.

Creative Spirituality Journaling: Discover the S.H.A.R.E. method of Creative Spirituality Journaling: Soulgiving, Humourous, Artistic, Reflective, Experiential.

Decorated Envelopes: Transform plain snail-mail envelopes into delightfully decorated envelopes through a variety of techniques and delight your recipients ___ and the postal clerks!

Designer Papers: Learn some new techniques to decorate paper for a variety of paper projects: sponge, stipple, char, dye, stain, stencil, webspray, emboss, batik, resist, blend, bleach, layer, spackle, mottle, plastic wrap, wash.

GardeningSandscapes: Create flowing sandscapes as a contemplative way to encourage creativity, relieve stress, and nurture your spirituality.

Iris Folding: Experience a paper-folding technique that resembles the iris of an eye or camera and expand this technique with fabric and ribbon to create special greeting cards.

Labyrinths: Found in many cultures for thousands of years and used as a contemplative tool that encourages ___being__™ rather than ___doing, make your own geometric-pattern-with-a-purpose in this Soulistry session.

Mandalas: Expand your artistic creativity and make your own mandalas (circle shapes) which can be used as a meditation focus.

MirrorMeditations: Design and create a unique mirror with beads, feathers, stained glass and a variety of other embellishments as you discover the joy of ___Seeing ___ Me!___ each time you look into the mirror and experience the wonder and gift of you.

Paper Marbeling Mystery: Create your own handmade marbelized paper using two simple techniques that can be used as wrapping paper, gifts, greeting cards, etc..

PhotoMeditations: Discover a new meditation-catalyst/prayer technique through photographs, moving from ___sight__™ to ___insight,__™ and seeing the ___marvelous__™ in the ___monotonous__™ in daily life.

Zentangling: Encounter a new art form based on repetitive patterns which encourage creativity, relieve stress and nurture spirituality.



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