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June Maffin Art Blog

Birth Notice

by junemaffin , October 21, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: creativity, spirituality

After many months of planning and preparation, Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul workshops were birthed this week at a gathering of regional Administrators and Administrative Assistants. I had fun - and by the response from the evaluation sheets of participants, so did they.

Participants arrived wondering what the organizers had arranged for their conference. A speaker with a 'heavy' message was in the morning and if past conferences were any indication, they expected the afternoon speaker would be the same. But, that wasn't the case.

Instead, I showed up with a brief introduction to Soulistry and how I came to claim the title of Creative Spirituality Artist. And, before they knew it, they were at tables learning two very simple marbelling paper techniques.

Laughter, silence during reflection-time permeated the room as participants created their marbelled cardstock and paper and marbelled envelopes - later used for their "Letter to Self" where they journalled their thoughts about creativity, art, play and spirituality. I gave them a copy of a recently-published article I'd written ("Spirituality of Play") and that seemed to engage their hearts and minds and freed them to simply "be" and "play" undistracted by their busy and stressful lives while aware that there is spiritual growth when the creative spirit is freed.

At some time in the future, I'll mail their envelopes and I think they'll be delighted to see their marbelled envelopes and read what they wrote during their time with Soulistry.

So many people are asking 'soul-questions' these days. Many are anxious and aren't able to be hopeful (hope-filled), see joy around them, be appreciative of life's simple pleasures or see the artist-within. Connection with their spirituality is tenuous. It seems that my hope and dream for Soulistry is coming to fruition ... that the workshops and retreats be avenues for people to re-connect with that intangible soul-essence of life through artwork, discussion, silence and play.

How do I know? I was humbled by the request for Soulistry bookings as a result of yesterday's Workshop - not only for 2009, but also for 2010! My hope is that before too long, Soulistry will be happening beyond Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I love to travel, speak, teach and share about the connection between spirituality and creativity.

The accompanying photo (taken on Vancouver Island) speaks volumes to me about the future of Soulistry - even in the midst of difficult personal and economic, non-sunny times, there is hope. Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul has officially been birthed. Yippee!!!!

Soulistry workshops and retreats, intentionally connecting creativity with spirituality ... interested? Feel free to contact me: junemaffin at gmail dot com



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