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June Maffin Art Blog

"Seeing ... Me!"

by junemaffin , September 29, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art, creativity, mirrors, soul, spirituality

___I__™m not creative___ was my mantra. I rationalized this lack of creative ability by telling myself that I__™d never taken any Art courses in school so didn__™t have any training or skills in visual arts. Same thing for why I wasn__™t a good cook or couldn__™t sew ___ I hadn__™t taken Home Economics in school. Then, about five years ago, a lengthy illness presented me with time - time to recuperate, heal, think, to be.

In the ensuing precious gift of time, I discovered a creative part of me that I didn__™t know existed. Unable to sleep one night, I wandered into my spare room where a variety of craft things were stored. Sitting in my chair, I looked at the top shelf and saw several wooden framed mirrors. Before I knew it, I had taken one down and started adding a variety of embellishments. Eventually, sleep came to me and I went to bed.

When I awoke, I walked past the spare room and noticed the mirror. I was struck by its simplicity - and appeal. A few days later, a friend came to visit. I was excited about the mirror and the two that had been created since the initial one and my friend asked to see them.

Well, she raved about them and said that she thought I should put them in art shows and/or art galleries because they were unique and very marketable. Well, I didn__™t. I couldn__™t receive her comments as the gift they were because of the negative voices deep inside. But, I kept making the mirrors as gifts for family and friends. I was enjoying the creative process of deciding what to put on the mirrors and sensed that some new creative thing was being birthed within me.

Then one other long night when I couldn__™t sleep and I was working on a mirror, a thought passed through my mind: ___A meditation - the mirror needs a meditation for people to reflect upon as they look at themselves in the mirror.___

Before I knew it, the SEEING ... ME meditation was written, MirrorMeditations emerged, Soulistry ArtCards were created as was an entry into the world of blogging - and the gift of creativity was beginning to blossom in newfound ways. ;-)



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