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June Maffin Art Blog

Negative Voices - Be Silent!

by junemaffin , September 13, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art, calligraphy, creative, creativity, gift, meditation, mirrors, spiritual growth, spirituality, wellness, wholeness

For decades I have wanted to do calligraphy. Too timid to buy a real calligraphy pen holder and nib - thinking only 'real calligraphers' used them - calligraphy fountain pens and felt markers were purchased. I tried them (once), but could never get the 'thin' and 'thick' lines or write words that looked anything like what I saw in books etc.

When a friend suggested I take a calligraphy class, I was ready, willing to try and learn about one of the visual arts. I was determined to have fun and not focus on the end-product in comparison with others in the class. Maybe, just maybe, I could learn to do calligraphy for my "Soulistry ArtCards".

Some say that calligraphy is easy. Some say it__™s difficult. I say it__™s fun ... a spiritual adventure where the correct terminology is "hands" not "fonts", where words/phrases like "cursive, Neuland, 30 degrees, C-2, galleria will become part of my vocabulary. My calligraphy journey has begun. ;-)

This is going to be a fun journey of discovery - not just of skills, but about me. ___Negative voice - be silent!___

P.S. Yes, I did the zebra drawing and calligraphy - not very good but oh such fun!



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