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June Maffin Art Blog

Spirituality and Art

by junemaffin , September 10, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art, artists, creative, creativity, self-growth, soul, spiritual growth, spirituality

Spirituality. It__™s a word that evokes a variety of responses, not the least of which is a belief that unless one is religious and connected to a particular religion, they__™re not spiritual. And yet, for centuries, writers have expressed the opinion that religion is not a necessary component of spirituality but that being in touch with one's creative / artistic self, is.

Can it be possible that one can be spiritual and not require a religious connection? If so, what impact does spirituality have on our art and conversely, what impact does our art have on our spirituality?

Soulistry (Artistry of the Soul) blogs are posted to encourage people to consider these (and other) questions, to help enrich one's spirituality in new ways, and to help release the playful, creative and artistic nature of ArtID readers. Stay tuned. ;-)




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10/22/2008 * 11:07:30

I don't think spirituality has anything to do with religion as we know it. When people talk about religion, they are usually referring to a set of beliefs or an order that has been institutionalised and manipulated by fear and greed. To me, it seems as if the current world religions are fighting and competing for "the ownership of God".

If we look at all the ancient texts, there is a universal language and code to live by without the interferance of anyone other than our true Selves. There is a running thread of how we are all creative beings breathed into Life in the likeness of God/Goddess/Creator Of All That Is... whatever you want to call the energy that is greater than the sum of us put together. And leading our lives with this Spirit inside of us is a very personal affair.

Like you, I believe we are all artists, some of us just haven't tapped into that energy that fuels the birth of all things.

But the good news is there is a huge shift of consciousness happening currently, and people are searching out answers that speak to them (as opposed to following dogma). Perhaps more and more people will tap into their creativity now... whatever form that takes, be it music, art, writing, or plumbing!

The work you do is amazing, and resonates so much with what I do.

I do wish you all the very best in all your projects.
With Spirited Wishes,

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