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June Mack Maffin

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by junemaffin , August 29, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, contemplative, photography, soul, spiritual growth

"Soul-Connections" ... that's what happens when we do art. Have just posted a new blog about Soul-Connections at Thank you for visiting and sharing a comment 0 comments

Giving Birth!

by junemaffin , July 16, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: CreativeSpirituality, artists, spirituality, writing

The "baby" is on its way. Okay, so the analogy doesn't exactly work but it's akin to what I'm going through. Last night, I uploaded the final manuscript of "Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality" (description of the book at the bottom of this post, in case you're curious) to the publisher in the UK and for the next 3 months, they do the editing, book and cover design and then it comes back to me for a final edit and then whoosh ... off to be printed and circulated for global release. Talk about being blessed! For the past three years, I've been slowly working on 'the book' thinking that this fall I would complete it and in the spring of 2011 would begin the process of seeking a publisher. Well, those were my plans… Continue reading… 0 comments

Have been invited to be Theme Speaker at a National Conference in September so suggested participants bring a Journal as we'll be doing some Creative Spirituality Journaling over the weekend. But most don't "journal" yet so don't have a Journal. What did I do but suggest they get a small group together and I'd teach them how to create a simple Journal! Huh? Problem was - I'd never made a Journal. But, thanks to Bev Allen for her encouragement from afar, now I have. I'm calling it the Pocket Journal : one signature, leather cover, embellishments if desired, really simple to make and fits in a pocket/purse. ;-) Love the philosophy of little children's book The Little Engine That Could: "I think I can, I think I can - I did!" And, I did… Continue reading… 1 comment

Art is All Around!

by junemaffin , January 29, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, play, soul, workshop

Art is all around! Sometimes, though, we need to be in new places, experience creative possibilities/art techniques and play so that our ability to create is stimulated and renewed. If this is you (or you know someone for whom this is true), I encourage you to consider something radical ... a trip to Prague, the Czech Republic September 26 to October 2nd! There, your art and soul will connect in exciting new ways through a "Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul" workshop. For more info, check out the website: and this recent article: or my website: www.soulistry… Continue reading… 0 comments

A New Year will be upon us soon (for those in the other hemisphere, you're already in 2010! Happy NY!) and with it comes a gentle wish for a creative, healthy, prosperous year filled with abundant blessings which delight, challenge, nurture and enrich our spirit. It's starting off great --- gave DH a tangerine and he peeled it (see photo). As I looked, I was delighted to see the emergence of a star. Creativity abounds - may we have "eyes to see", energy and motivation to "do" and the gift of simply "be-ing" in this wonder-filled universe… Continue reading… 0 comments

"Once we realize that we are truly created in the Creator's image, we will start to understand that we, too, must be creators. When we understand this fact, the doors will burst wide open ..." (Katherine Solomon). Facebook has a special Group for anyone interested in the connection between creativity and spirituality. It's called "Creative Spirituality" and the latest discussion is about the above quote. You're welcome to join us, reflect and share how you understand your role as 'creator.' P.S. Took the photo on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada… Continue reading… 3 comments

A Moment of Wonder

by junemaffin , December 20, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: creativity

I watched in wonder as the snow descended on the bush outside my office window as a snowbird magically and gradually appeared o top of the bush. Rushing to get my camera, I realized that the snowbird captured the essence of this Season of Wonder, Joy, Awe and Peace so this year, instead of a calligraphed Christmas card, I decided to use the photo I took of that Moment of Wonder to send to cyberfriends here at ArtID. May you experience many "moments of wonder" in the coming days and weeks in ways that you can't even begin to ask or imagine! I wish you all a wonderful (wonder-filled) Season of Christmas and a New Year brimming with creativity, spontaneity, spiritual growth, good health and joy! June www.soulistry… Continue reading… 1 comment

Guiding Light

by junemaffin , August 11, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: growth, spiritual, zentangling

How often do we discount the light - the inner voice - that precious gift of intuition that speaks wisdom and guidance when we listen, truly listen. First in a series of zentangled stars, this offers a blessing to all ... may the Light (however you understand it), guide and illuminate your life… Continue reading… 0 comments

Zentangled Shoe

by junemaffin , August 11, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: zentangling

Creating this zentangled shoe was a fun thing to do on a rainy afternoon. It's still raining, so will I be practical and file those papers in the "box-that-stares" marked "2B filed" ..… Continue reading… 0 comments

Pastel Daisy

by junemaffin , August 1, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts

The daisy was unique ... I wanted to paint it in pastels, but only had watercolours with me. So, the challenge to myself was to paint the daisy in colours/style evocative of pastels in a mini format of 2.5" _ 3.5". I like the result ..… Continue reading… 0 comments


by junemaffin , August 1, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts

Birds overhead, a rising moon, clouds all eerily drifting over the ocean grabbed at my heartstrings & I knew the dream had to be painted in some way, some how, some time. This summer, small works were the focus so the dream found its way in 2.5"_3.5" format on 140 lb. watercolour paper… Continue reading… 0 comments

Shuswap Shroud

by junemaffin , August 1, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts

Fires in Kelowna filtered throughout the Okanagan in British Columbia last month and even reached Sorrento, shrouding the mountains and lake in smog. Dramatic change in the landscape prompted the creation of this 'small work'(2.5" _ 3.5") of the scene of Shuswap Lake… Continue reading… 0 comments

Nature's Playfulness

by junemaffin , August 1, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts

The hot summer's day highlighted the brilliant blue sky, vibrant green grass & trees, red breasts of the chirping robins, piercing yellow of the hot sun, and the white streaks in the sky created by swiftly travelling planes. Had to capture it in some way. Watercolour paint and the challenge of ArtID's "small works" contest resulted in this 2.5" _ 3.5" watercolour piece… Continue reading… 0 comments

River To Paradise

by junemaffin , July 10, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts

"What is happiness?" An unknown author wrote that happiness is not something that can be "traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." What a poignant reminder of the importance of seeing the world around with eyes that truly see ... see beyond the visual. This watercolour ("River to Paradise") tries to depict the spiritual experience of living every moment with love, grace and gratitude, taking nothing for granted, open to possibilities, reveling in the beauty of the world in a gentle invitation to look beyond the horizon ... in a spirit of happiness… Continue reading… 0 comments


by junemaffin , June 28, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: All Posts

"Boots" - another experiment with watercolour "pouring" technique. Interesting ... very time-consuming and outcome is always a mystery ... but challenging and fun at the same time. Am thinking I prefer this technique with scenery rather than concrete items. Will continue to experiment over the summer and see what results… Continue reading… 0 comments

Sunset Dock - watercolour pouring

by junemaffin , June 15, 2009—12:34 PM

Topics: All Posts

Lovely sunset one evening captured in watercolour using pouring technique. Going to play with this technique more this summer… Continue reading… 2 comments

Trying out watercolour pouring technique and having fun with this one --- may add calligraphy on the left side eventually… Continue reading… 1 comment

ArtID subscribers are finding their way to the new Facebook group ... "CreativeSpirituality" I've recently created. The rationale for the group: I believe that we have all been gifted with creativity in some way and that all people have a spiritual component to their humanity. While I wouldn't self-define as a watercolourist, painter, sculptor, fibre artist, calligrapher, dancer, architect, photographer, singer, quilter etc., I would self-define as a CreativeSpirituality Artist - a coined phrase to describe the connection between creativity and spirituality as expressed in my artistic endeavours. Fascination with the connection between art and soul resulted in the birth of "Soulistry" (Artistry of the Soul ... www.soulistry… Continue reading… 0 comments

I've just returned from setting-up my first showing of the Soulistry "MirrorMeditations." What a morning! The local library gifted local artists with an invitation to hang their artwork for a full month last fall. At that time, a conversation began within me --- Do you consider yourself to be an artist? if so --- will you accept this invitation? If so ... what will you hang/show? ... how much will you price each item? ... what will you 'name' each piece? ... are the MirrorMeditations "art" or is the library expecting watercolour/oil/acrylic on canvas/paper? The questions I've had since the possibility entered my thoughts last fall have been endless… Continue reading… 1 comment


by junemaffin , February 25, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: art, creativity, spirituality

I believe that everyone is an artist - that they have been gifted with creativity in some way. Many have identified that gift and nurture it in unique ways here at ArtID. I delight in viewing the various galleries and reading the blogs for your artwork nourishes my spirit. While I wouldn't self-define as a watercolourist or a painter, sculptor, fibre artist, calligrapher, dancer, architect, photographer, singer, quilter etc.,I would self-define as a CreativeSpirituality Artist. It's a description I've come up with to describe what and why I do what do for I__™m fascinated by the connection between creativity and spirituality - between art and soul. The butterfly is a wonderful (wonder-filled) symbol for me ... of new birth ... beginnings ... creativity and spirituality ..… Continue reading… 1 comment