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by judyribbens , May 17, 2008—12:00 AM

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This policy has been created after much exploration of how this is handled on other sites, and after talking to other artists.

I have confidence that my art is well done and pleasing to the eye. This is a result of comments from people where I have shown my work, both on the internet and off. But, occasionally, a piece of art work just does not fit what the purchaser intended or look like what was envisioned. If that happens, the buyer should contact me within 10 days of receipt of the piece to talk about returning it. Ten days is time enough to decide whether or not the art piece just doesn't fit the buyer's perception of what he/she is getting.

The painting must be returned within one month of purchase, and MUST be damage-free. All returns MUST be insured. Return postage and insurance will be paid by the buyer. Once I receive it and inspect it, if it is damage-free, I will arrange for the return of the purchase price immediately.

Damaged Returns: If the work is damaged, I will call the purchaser immediately and email digital pictures of the damage.

If damage can be repaired easily, 20% of the purchase price will be retained to pay for costs of repair. If the damage is extensive, (ex., a frame bent, badly scratched, mats dirty or stained, a tear or scratch in the picture--especially to the picture--) and difficult to fix, I will retain 70% of the purchase price to cover costs of replacement materials, labor and loss of revenue.

If damage is irreparable, there will be no return of the purchase price. I, as the artist, determine the degree of damage.

Mailing Damage: I will need to be notified within one week of shipping if there is damage from mailing since I never send anything without insurance. Please contact me at or 920-471-8500 so I can report this to the carrier.




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

05/19/2008 * 11:41:13

This is an excellent example of what every artist should post somewhere on their site. Many potential buyers are hesitant to purchase if there is no stated return policy. This applies across the board from shoes to toasters to original art.
Especially with something as subjective as art. Put yourself in the consumers place, it's very hard to visualize how art will look in situ. One more reason to make sure your images are crisp and your descriptions accurate. Many more people would be inclined to purchase higher priced original art or limited prints over posters, if they felt comfortable with returning it because it just doesn't fit the space, or meet the expectation. Your policy seems to be very comprehensive and well tested. Thank You.

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