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by judyribbens , May 6, 2008—12:00 AM

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OK, Now I get practical! Here are some things to know about shipping and handling.

HANDLING: Before I send any work, I inspect it to be sure it is in perfect condition. If there is any problem, I will notify you and correct anything needing it. If there is one thing I know, it is that pictures, frames, mats, glass, etc., can acquire all manner of unplanned and annoying flaws, especially when they are constantly circulated from place to place between shows and storage.

SHIPPING: First, I will not ship glass on pictures larger than 16×20. This is for safety reasons and because glass adds a lot of weight to any artwork. You can take the work to a framer and they will add glass easily and without a lot of cost. DO NOT get non-glare glass! It really dulls the colors in any work.

Next, all weights listed are rounded up and are usually more than the actual weight. The weight listed does not include packaging, which of course also has to be paid for. The customer pays for this. A visit to my friendly efficient postmistress will allow me to have the correct weight and shipping charges, and then I will contact you to be sure you know what the correct amount is before it is sent.

Prints and photos are shipped without frames or glass, unless special ordered. Frames and glass add a lot to the weight of the package. Large originals do have to be shipped with mats, backing and ideally, with frames. This prevents damage to the painting as well as allowing a customer to put it up as soon as possible.

Third, Wisconsin demands that if I sell items, I must add sales tax, which, in my county, currently is 5.5%. I collect that from my customers. For originals, that tax is listed in the description of the work.

When I mail any work, I will insure all items to cover all costs, and I PAY FOR THE INSURANCE.

So, before I ever send a package, we will email and/or phone each other and you will know of and approve all charges.

The most common carrier for shipping is USPS. UPS is an alternate.

If you have any questions about these practices, email me at




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

05/08/2008 * 09:42:15

This is excellent Judy,
Every artist should post their policy for shipping and handling and for returns. It is is a great indication of your professionalism to your buyer and put them at ease if they have any hesitation.
Thanks for a great entry.

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