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Judith Ribbens Art Blog

Creativity Rules! Autumn 2010

by judyribbens , September 7, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art activities 2010, art play, collage, dance and movement, drawing class, jewelry, mixed media, photography, playshops, teaching, watercolor, writing

Very creative activities are happening this year!!

Sometimes when the creative Juices flow it's not painting, collaging and photography that happens. Years ago, just for fun, a friend and I began a murder mystery, intending it to be light-hearted and funny. We lost interest back then.

Two years ago my interst revived enough to write four chapters and detail the cast of characters. The plot got stuck.

This year I began having some rather grim dreams. My imagination is not always on lovely flowers, colors, and painterly subjects. This time my dreams told me I could come up with some hair-raising images. So I have!

I'm now on chapter 19 and the whole story is flowing so well I can't believe it! Currently my heroine is kidnapped and being held in a shack on the coast of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. She's about to escape though. If I can get this book into really good shape, I'm going to publish it online.

My next big focus was jewelry for some friends. I go to a gathering in Utah every summer and this year I wanted to do a giveaway to people for their support and friendship, so I made about 50 pieces of jewelry. What fun!! Gave them all away too.

The Art Garage Gallery in Green Bay is the scene of the work I'm exhibiting this year, all multi-media collages. I'm keeping it there at least until the end of December. Google it and get a map. Go there!! It's a fantastic gallery. And the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce is showing two of my pieces in their large conference room, thanks to the Art Garage liaison with them.

Legacies Inc. is a non-profit group providing the arts for people with forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's. I'm on the board and also provide both Dance/Movement playshops and recently, a mosaic class. Fun and rewarding!

I'll be teaching a drawing class for people from The Gathering Place beginning in October. The Gathering Place is a drop-in center created by the National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). I'm excited to be back there. I've done watercolor with them before.

Mixed media continues to be a focus of my visual art. I have 5-6 planned for the coming months. But watercolor sirens are calling! I have some new ideas about how to develop a more cohesive style that crosses media so collages, watercolors, mixed media, acrylics and oils all are in a clear identifiable style that is my very own.

Watch for photography from The De Young Family Zoo, Wallace MI. My grandson, NIk, and I went there a few weeks ago. We got as 'up close and personal' as we could with animals there. Some great shots of big cats! And watch for them on National Geographic tv as well. The program is called "My Life's A Zoo." If you go to Upper Michigan, don't miss this place!




  Elizabeth macchio ( homepage )

01/29/2012 * 00:25:36

Love your dance murals

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