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by judyribbens , August 13, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: art prints, lower cost art, purchasing art

Did you ever really want a piece of art work and find the price was way beyong your budget? So have I. Here are some ways you might be able to afford art for your home, office, cave?, or wherever you live, work, and play.

Did you know that art can be reproduced through the giclee (pronounced zhee-clay') process in incredible faithfulness to color? This computerized printing process creates wonderful prints on canvas (yes, canvas!), or linen paper, or you name it.

My works have been reproduced on linen paper and canvas, on ceramic tile, and on the usual postcards, greeting cards, mousepads, etc. Print prices are a lot less that the original, although it's nice to say you own the original. But if you just want the enjoyment without the high price, try contacting the artist to find out if they are offering their works this way. Many artists do this so more people can see and enjoy their work. See my article REPRODUCTIONS on this site for prices. Checking these prices out will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for varying sizes of my work.

The collage/mixed media piece above, Afternoon Bouquet, is available in postcard, greeting card, ceramic tile, linen paper, and canvas reproduction. If it's an image you love, (or you see any other image you love), find out if it's available at lower cost. An original costing $1000, for example, might be available as a giclee on canvas for as much as 75% less than that. I have listed the images available from my studio in the REPRODUCTIONS blog entry.

Art works bought this way are not generally purchased framed and matted, which allows you to take this to a framer in your area and have it done to your taste.

Another way you can buy art is to exchange your services for a piece of art work. Many artists would like to bargain for services they need or want by offering art as payment. This works best if you contact local artists. I would advise drawing up a contract however, even if the artist is a friend. I once lost out on in-kind payment for my art work because I didn't spell out a contract ahead of time. I thought the person was an honest friend. I was wrong. This works two ways. There are artists who might go back on their word. Protect yourself with that contract!

A third way you can acquire art for your personal collection is to pay for it over a period of time. Many artists will enter into a contract for time payments. Of course, you shouldn't expect to acquire the work until you have paid the entire price, but the work can be stored until this happens. Any artist will be glad to know that there is money coming in for work done. This is a good way to accumulate a great art collection.

I encourage you to surround yourself with all the arts, immerse yourself in art and music and dance. You won't regret it!!




  Judith Ribbens ( homepage )

01/11/2013 * 17:42:23

Hi, Nancy It is now 2013 and I'm reviewing this entire site and hope I responded to you back then when your comment came in. In addition to working full time I left that job in 2010 and have worked tooth and nail an another creative work, a murder mystery, Betrayal by Serpent, now published on under my pen name Judith M Kerrigan. What a job that was!! So now I'm updating this site.
OK. If I neglected to answer, here's an answer. Try as a site to publish your art for giclee. All you do is upload your art files, decide on prices and shipping methods (they guide you in that) and they do the rest for the customer. I hope that helps and that you found someone to do this for you and I'm sorry if I neglected you. My attention has been so focused on the writing art and not visual art.


  Nancy Cupp ( homepage )

08/17/2009 * 23:23:32

How do you go about getting your own art done in giclee. What companies do it and what is the process in doing giclee? Do you recommend any companies that do giclee?

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