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by judyribbens , August 13, 2009—12:00 AM

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I always wanted to be surrounded by flowers, so when I moved into my own home, with a large yard, flower-planting became a priority. Well, one thing leads to another for any artist and that led to photographing all those wonderful blooms.

Today I uploaded five galleries of flower pictures. What better way to share the delights of my garden than to offer them to one and all.

My "style" is very straighforward--show the flower in its best possible light and its strongest presentation right in the garden whenever possible. However, I did include a picture of some dried roses, and some pictures from bouquets I can't resist buying for myself, especially in the long Northern winters.

The price is for 8"×10", matted very simply in a single white mat, with a backing and in a closable plastic bag. If framed, the frame will be a simple matte black wooden or metal frame. The cost for that is an additional $40.

The weight for shipping listed in the S&H blog is overestimated for an unframed print and will be adjusted downward accordingly.

A discount can be arranged for 5 or more. Email me at



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