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Judith Ribbens Art Blog

The Dance Mural 2009

by judyribbens , August 13, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: murals

The dance mural for Let's Dance Studio was commissioned at Christmas 2008. Pam Stiles asked me to create a mural and she and I agreed on syllouettes of dance couples, with the men as black syllouettes and the women each a different color.

Kevin, the owner, decided he wanted a background of a city, and agreed to provide lessons to me for this addition.

The image shows the finished wall with live dancers having fun posing in front of it. There is a mirror on the adjacent wall with serves to double the original 39' of wall space. SEE THE DANCE MURAL GALLERY FOR MORE IMAGES

The process was long and detailed. A small mockup was done first to illustrate the idea of the syllouettes. Then another set of mockups was done to illustrate the city effect. All couples were sketched out at 8"×11" size, then enlarged both on a large printer at Kinko's, and by hand.

The wall was prepared by priming and then painted the gold color. Next, a grid was drawn on the wall. A corresponding grid was done over the art drawings. Then larger mockups of the positions on the wall were done for each of the three segments of wall. The city and the figures were drawn to scale on the wall and painting could commence. The figures were outlined, the background city painted and stenciled (windows and other special effects), the figures then filled in and, after adjustments were made and the paint was thoroughly dry, a coating of acrylic varnish was finally done. All in all, over 440 hours went into this mural.



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