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Judith Ribbens Opening Pandora's Box

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Opening Pandora's Box
33" x 37" x 1"
Mixed Media / 2-D
$2,700.00 Buy It Now

Opening Pandora's Box

When I began to make major changes in my life, it was like walking though many corridors and opening many doors without knowing where I was going and what would come out. Nothing was in complete form; ghosts haunted my landscape and new spirits appeared. Although sometimes frightening, yet there was an excitement to this time and also an adventurous quality I had suppressed for a long time began to arise. This collage is about opening to that new period of my life. Methods used include printing, spraying, stenciling, and collaged papers. Dimensions of the piece are 25.75"x28.75". AVAILABLE AS GICLEE PRINT ON CANVAS OR PAPER. Triple matted, with a gold metal frame. Shipped without glass, deduct $25.00. Wisconsin tax is $148.50. (5.5%)