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James Rousonelos The Struggle-Portrait of the..

"Nine to Five""LA Theresa Espiritu""Natasha-The Struggle"Coca Cola ChicagoTo Follow HimThe Struggle-Portrait of the Artist
The Struggle-Portrait of the Artist
38" x 50" x 3"
Painting / Oil
$21,500.00 Buy It Now

The Struggle-Portrait of the Artist

This piece depicts the artist as the central figure sitting shirtless on his stool in his studio. In the background, there are images he can identify with: On the left side of this image is one of his paintings, "LA Theresa Espiritu," next to a red rose. These images symbolize his struggle with the physical world. On the right side of the image is a stretched-out image of Christ crucified, symbolizing the artist's struggle with the spiritual life. These two aspects of human existence are a constant struggle for many in this human existence. The artist sits, caught in-between the two worlds, attempting to look away from the physical, lustful side and leaning towards the consolation and peace of the spiritual world. Please contact Mr. Rousonelos with the purchase button or use Pay Pal for purchase of this masterpiece painting. This painting must be crated and insured for safe, reliable shipping. Please allow 3 weeks minimum for crating/packing and shipping of this piece. A certified money order can be paid directly to the artist. This piece is available for personal viewing at the artist's studio,upon request, before purchase: For any questions,CONTACT JAMES BY HITTING THE CONTACT LINK AND PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CONTACT INFO,INCLUDING YOUR PHONE NUMBER.