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Jimmy Soto About

My introduction to art outside of school began with graffiti using aerosol paint to markers. I then began to airbrush and paint with acrylics. Add Comment


I was born on September 8th, 1968 in Paterson, NJ. I was introduced to graffiti in 1979 and went by the name of "CRAZE". Most of my graffiti art was limited to painting on canvas, denim jackets and jeans due to the fact that I always found it difficult to create unwanted art on another's property. During the eight grade, I submitted my portfolio for consideration to the upcoming Rosa Parks Arts High School in Paterson, NJ. I was accepted and the projected opening was by September of 1982, which would have been the start of my freshman year in high school. Unfortunetly, the school did not open until after I graduated John F Kennedy High School in 1986. I felt "let down" by the system and my love for art dissipated with only short spurts of interest and creativity during the next 20 years. It is now a new year and I have the support system and drive that has eluded me for so long. I was not educated in art so please understand that I do not have any influences. I paint what I see, what I feel and I also like to dig up an old photo and turn that into a piece of art. In short, I paint for the joy it gives me and if anything I create puts a smile on your face, then I'm all for it.


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