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Jenessa Gayheart Art Blog

The Meaning that Flows

by JPatience , January 16, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: fantastical artwork, jenessa gayheart, medium, style

There are so many artists out there who draw or paint or sculpt, and each has their own inspiration, their own meaning flowing from the universe into them and manifesting as artwork. Whether pleasant or abrasive, what goes through my head when I find myself looking at melting clocks, or stairs to nowhere, or a bloody-mouthed clown, is: ___Where was the artist__™s mind when they did that?___ To me, that__™s a good piece of artwork. I may not understand the abstract lines of some pieces, or the round nonsense of others, but if I stop and wonder, that__™s enough. It seems to me that there is a difference between an artist and someone who draws, paints or sculpts well. Someone who paints well can reproduce the image of a duck in a pond to look___ like a duck in a pond. An artist could paint a duck in a pond to look like a duck-shaped decoy appendage of the pond-monster whose shadow is hovering just beneath the surface of the water. Or they can paint a fuzzy semblance of a feathered creature on a reflective surface, or do it with just dots, not paint strokes. I admire those who draw, paint or sculpt well. I have a difficult time making things look real, and I frequently would like to incorporate that in some of my fantastical images. But I wouldn__™t trade that ability for my ability to translate my creative world for others in an unrealistic way. I feel that it is my duty, as the artist that my world has chosen me to be, to put images in peoples__™ heads that make them think ___wouldn__™t that be neat,___ or ___I__™m glad that__™s not the case,___ or ___I saw that in a dream once,___ or ___sometimes I feel that way.___ I hope to sprinkle some un-real-ness into the lives of people who are surrounded by all-too-real life. Each of my pictures has a story, and it__™s a different one for each viewer, or perhaps for each time it__™s looked at by one viewer. That__™s what I hope to do. That is the meaning that is flowing from the universe into me, from my world into this one, and that is manifesting in my artwork.



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