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Jenessa Gayheart About

I've been drawing since I was five, and haven't stopped. Somewhere along the line another world opened up to me and I have been pulling creatures out of it and putting them on paper ever since. It has become a defining factor in who I am, and if I somehow lost all of my arms and legs, I would still find a way to draw. Add Comment


I was born in Powell River, BC, Canada, and that was the only year I lived there. My parents were there to teach, then came back stateside and wandered the North West after dreams and careers, my sister and I tagging along and learning about impermanence and how to make friends. I've always appreciated those lessons.

I went to elementary school and high school in various places in the North West including Washington, Idaho, Iowa, and North Dakota. I drew when I was bored, when I was inspired, when I wanted to be alone, and it was always something that I could create out of my head: princess dresses, plans for dream houses, underwater scenes with made-up fish, then dragons and gnomes, castles... they never stopped. I am still drawing.

I otherwise worked on the stories that also created themselves constantly in my head, and completed two certificates through the Institute of Children's Literature. I have not published, but am focusing on trying to get my latest young adult novel seen by an agent. I won first place in North Dakota for a Short Story contest my senior year in High School.

I only partially attended college with a major in Early Childhood Development, and then lost interest in having to keep up with the rules a daycare needs in order to function legally. I figured I didn't want to spend so much time with kids anyhow, I'd rather draw and write. Then I became a nanny. I didn't mean to, it just happened. When things "just happen," it's good to listen and follow.

That's how I met my husband in Seattle, and and after a couple of years he, I and his young son moved back to ND. Our lives together started there, then moved to TN, then FL where he was raised. Two more boys, and three-and-a-half years later we landed in Portland OR, and it feels like home.


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