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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Jose Acosta Exhibits with Consulate of Ecuador in New York

by JOSE , September 6, 2012—07:29 AM

Topics: A Day of Art in New York, Consulate of Ecuador, New York Trade EC. LLC

On Saturday September 6, 2012 Jose Acosta had the honor to exhibit 5 paintings in the Day of Art in New York exhibit sponsored by the Consulate of Ecuador in New York City. The event was great with lots of Art & Music and was very festive. Jose would like to thank the Consulate of Ecuador and New York Trade EC. LLC for inviting him as a guest artist to the event and to Curator Amado Mora for selecting him for this exhibition.

Special thanks to other artists who participated in this event, Jose Schalen, Patricio Batallas, Amado Mora, Walter Carpio, Melania Maldonado, Ruby Jurado, Lucio Fernandez, Global-Traxxx, Carlos Marin, Luis Noboa, Kirsten, Yerason, Dawoud, Marck Balar, Ruben Dario Betancourt.



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