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Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my friends Anna & Arturo Alvarez

by JOSE , March 19, 2012—12:00 AM

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Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary to my friends Anna & Arturo Alvarez

Pictured to the right Anna & Arturo Alvarez

On Saturday March 17, 2012 while everyone was busy celebrating St. Patrick's Day my Wife Orsola and I were at Tango Steakhouse in Queens celebrating the 40th Wedding Anniversary of our good friends Anna & Arturo Alvarez. It was so great to see them dancing and enjoying this festive day with more then 40 of their closest friends and family members. It made me think of how important family and lifetime friendships are and how meaningful life can be. Arturo has dedicated his life to Journalism and Anna has dedicated her life to Arturo. They make such a wonderful couple and are such good friends to all who know them. I had a great time dancing with my wife of 25 years and was just so happy to share this special day with my friends Anna & Arturo. I wish them both many, many more years of happiness together. I also realized how fast time speeds by and learned to appreciate the simple things in life more as time is one thing that you never get back. I thought of my marriage and the joys we have had along the way and all the wonderful times the future will hold. Anna & Arturo also reminded me that even the best marriages take lots of work and patience but a happy marriage is priceless.

Happy Anniversary Anna & Arturo We Love You!



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