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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Wanted to purchase art by Jose Acosta

by JOSE , December 27, 2011—08:21 AM

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Wanted to purchase art by Jose Acosta

If you would like to sell your Jose Acosta paintings I am always in the market to buy my older work for re-sale to collectors.

To the left most recently bought and resold work ___I Will Fix Your Clock___ (2005)

During the year I get many requests for paintings that have already been sold. When I know who the owner of the painting is I will reach out to them and ask if they wish to sell their art. I have been able to purchase and sell a few pieces like this. This maximizes the profit for the collectors of my work and if they decide not to sell at least they know that their work has appreciated in value. If you own any of my work with the welded and polished galvanized frames that you wish to sell please contact me at include a picture and asking price or ask for an offer. In 2012 I will have very few works available and will be pulling out of the market some works that are in galleries now as I have many exhibition opportunities to fulfill in 2012 and beyond. I thank the collectors of my art and hope you are enjoying the art you purchased. Please do remember to contact me if you should ever decide to sell.

Best Wishes, Jose Acosta



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