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Jose Acosta attends National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile Event

by JOSE , October 17, 2011—12:00 AM

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Jose Acosta attends National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile Event

Pictured to the right Jose Acosta with Slverio Vega the Mayor of West New York.

Yesterday Sunday October 16, 2011 I had the great honor of attending the National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile Annual Banquet in recognition of the Day of the Journalist. The event was held at Las Palmas restaurant in West New York and this year had the best attendance ever with the entire ballroom packed from front to back. I was very happy as both my parents were healthy enough to attend this event and they had a great time talking to other Cubans and lots of VIP____™s that were in attendance. My good friend Elelis Pena was here from the Dominican Republic campaigning for Hipolito Mejia the past President of the Dominican Republic and front runner for the Presidency of the Dominican Republic in 2012. I was glad Elelis Pena accepted my invite and it was great talking to him about all the events and projects he has planned. I also got to greet Antonio Ibarria who I have met before and greatly admire as he is a wonderful person and great entrepreneur. His media empire that includes El Especialito Newspaper and El Elespecial Magazine is a 1st class organization. I also met the Mayor of West New York Silverio Vega again this year and I am always surprised at how down to earth he is. The new President of the National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile Gladys B. Capaneria welcomed everyone and awarded special recognitions of which my friend Arturo Alvarez received one for the many years of service to the National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile. Major awards were presented to Cuban Journalists Carlos Rubio, Roberto Madam, Leandro Blanco. I had a wonderful time and look forward to attending this event again next year.

Cuban American Artist & Journalist Jose Acosta



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