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Jose Acosta Art Blog

I Create Contemporary Cuban American Art.

by JOSE , August 14, 2011—10:38 AM

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I Create Contemporary Cuban American Art.

I feel that I create Contemporary Cuban American Art. The Ideas come from both my mind and heart. My colors depict the sense of happiness I feel all around me. My paintings are created with lots of joy and happiness, but also require lots of work and patience. I always use only the best materials and never worry about the cost only the end results. I try to put as much of myself into my work and that means I create everything from the stretcher bars, to stretching the canvas, priming, painting and creating the welded and polished galvanized frames for my paintings. I do not have any assistants and all is created by my hands and hard work. I love to see my paintings develop as they are bright and full of life. I like to feed off the energy of my paintings and have many hanging throughout my home. I have been very fortunate to have had lots of sales and exposure. My art events attract lots of people that want to see colorful paintings and have a great time. I usually have Cuban and Italian Food, Wine and Music at my events. It is nice to share not only my art with the community but also a bit of my Hispanic Heritage. I have lots of people that care about me and my art and that gives me inspiration and strength to keep on creating. I love creating art very much and always have so much fun creating my paintings. I am very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people in the art world and that has been such a great joy to me. I enjoy going to art events both mine and other artists. I always like to look at new work and find discovering new things so exciting. I came to the United States from Cuba when I was 3 years young. You can leave Cuba but Cuba never leaves you. I have family in Cuba and lots of Cuban friends. I know what Cuba looks like from pictures and videos that my friends bring me back from Cuba when the visit. I have never been back to Cuba because my father had to go through so much to get us out. America is my home and always will be. I love New York and enjoy visiting Miami whenever I can afford to do so. My life is great and I do thank God for all my blessings every day. I get to do the things I love most (Art) and share it with the world. My family is very supportive and that means so much to me. I hope I will continue to create for the rest of my life and always feel the joy and happiness that I feel now as I create my art. I do feel I am a Contemporary Cuban American Artist and will continue to contribute to the present and create for the future. To all who enjoy my art I would like to say thank you very much.

Best Wishes, Cuban American Artist Jose Acosta



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