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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Jose Acosta Awarded Bronze Medal Arts __" Sciences - Lettres at Museum of the City of New York

On May 22, 2010 Cuban American Artist Jose Acosta was awarded the Arts - Sciences - Lettres Bronze Medal in Art at the Museum of the City of New York. Carmen D. Lucca the President of the Association for Puerto Rican " Hispanic Culture made the presentation during the Associations Annual Concert at the Museum of the City of New York. Carmen D. Lucca read poetry by Jose Marti and then Presented Jose Acosta with the Medal and a White Rose. Jose Acosta made a speech thanking the French Academy Arts __" Sciences __" Lettres for the award and mentioning how important it was as he had been introduced to the Academy by his mentor Peter Bloch. (Peter Bloch 1921-2008 was the founder of the Association for Puerto Rican __" Hispanic Culture and the United States representative for Arts __" Sciences __" Lettres) Then the program Sublime Soul, Annual Concert of Puerto Rican Danzas with a special Salute to the Cuba of Jose Marti was performed by some spectacular and talented Musicians. Joshua Pantoja a graduate of Juilliard played the French horn; Cindy Beatrice Candelaria captivated the audience with her Soprano, Jose Luis Rodriguez winner of the NY Theater Scene Critic™s Choice Award, played the harp. Gilberto Perez Lavastida world famous pianist played some beautiful Dazas for all to enjoy. It was a wonderful event enjoyed by all.

Special Thanks to Carmen D. Lucca and the Board of the Association For Puerto Rican __" Hispanic Culture, Inc. and to the Museum of the City of New York, 1220 Fifth Avenue.




  Omely M.

06/05/2013 * 10:28:00

Good morning,

I came across this link and just like Aleis above I would love to get in contact with Ms. Lucca. She was my teacher in elementary school.

Is it possible for the author or contact person here to provide her e-mail address? I know it's a long stretch.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks.


  Aleis Estupinan

10/09/2011 * 18:15:43

I am not surprise for this event. Ms. D. Lucca is a great poet and very enthusiastic about poetry and Lain Culture. I am glad that I could read this article. Congratulations!!!

I would love to be able to contact Ms. Carmen D. Lucca. Will be possible? I lost track of her when I moved to Miami from NY in 1990.
Please help me to get in contact with her. Thanks

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