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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Altered Reality part of EXODO: 2nd Bronx Latin American Art Biennial 2010

by JOSE , October 5, 2010—01:37 PM

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Altered Reality part of EXODO: 2nd Bronx Latin American Art Biennial 2010

Pictured to the right Jose Acosta with Biennial curators Luis Stephenberg and Alexis Mendoza

Opening Reception was on October 1, 2010 I attended with my wife Orsola Acosta and my mother In-Law Lina Creanza and we all had a great time. I enjoyed looking at all the art and meeting other Hispanic artists that were exhibiting at this event. I knew a few of the artists and others I was very glad to meet.

My painting "Voyage" is exhibited at this exhibition at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, 234 East 149th Street, Bronx NY 10451

"Altered Reality___ explores how individuals influence each with their behavior, culture and, in doing so, how people effect and shape their environment. Recent research has shown that even those peripherally around an individual shape and change that person__™s behavior and habits. Taken on a larger scale, these gestures and beliefs go to construct the society we live in and shape all that is around us. The artists in ___Altered Reality___ take their focus from a multiplicity of vantage points, and they show the various characteristics and expressions that people put in motion in their creation of society, their selves and the settings that they live in.

Artists: Auberto Baque, Carlos Solis, Christian Gonzalez, Enrique Gomez, Fernando Pe__alosa, Gabriela Trueba, Irene Becerril, Jose Acosta, Luis Martin, Michael Cavayero, Raul Villareal, Steve Edmundson, Yuly Monsion, Tony Morales Visitors can come and see the exhibition from September 16 - November 16

Immigration ___EXODO___ is the theme of the Second Bronx Latin American Art Biennial. Bronx celebrates 2010 Bronx Latin American Art Biennial with a program that includes several art exhibitions throughout The Bronx, starting September 17th at The Point. Artists address issues such as migration and exile. This call for a rational and creative interpretation on the action of human migration presents particular perspectives that only art can achieve. Artworks in all genres and media representing 21 different countries. It features urban installations, art performance, graffito murals, videos, painting, sculptures and graphics. While September 17th through November 30th marks Hispanic Heritage Month, the Bronx Festival Inc. celebrates with the participation of over 100 artists both local as well as international from throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America. Admission to ALL events: FREE

A Special Thanks to the Curators: Alexis Mendoza, Luis Stephenberg and Miguel Lescano

Cuban American Artist, Jose Acosta



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