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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Fantastic Week

by JOSE , September 21, 2010—12:00 AM

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Fantastic Week

(Pictured to the right Jaime Andrade with Jose Acosta)

Last week I had the most fantastic week. On Monday I started the week off with some extra cash from a few art sales from the past weekend. On Wednesday I had my opening at Berkeley College in Manhattan attended by many friends, family and fellow artists. My big surprise was when my famous artist friend Antonio Perez Melero invited Jaime Andrade a galley associate at Knoedler & Company to come and see my show and Jaime Andrade accepted the invite and attended. Jaime Andrade said some very nice things about my paintings and also about the custom made frames that I create for my art. I was glad to have the opportunity to meet him and the whole event was a great success. On Thursday Betsy Davison Co-Founder and President of ArtId and her husband Van Gothner joined me for lunch at the Penn Club of New York and then we visited my exhibition at Berkeley College. They are both so full of positive energy that it felt great to be in their company. I love the ArtId site and I was so happy that they came to see my art exhibition and that I got to spend some time with them. Later that night I attended an opening at Knoedler & Company and enjoyed looking at some magnificent large scale black and white photographs by Lynn Davis that are on exhibition. The next day on Friday I welded a frame during my lunch break and attended the EXODO: 2nd Bronx Latin American Biennial 2010 at the Point exhibition space in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. While at the exhibition I got to view some wonderful art and also meet the Curators Alexis Mendoza and Luis Stephenberg. I also talked with artist Hamlet Zurita, Jorge Mendoza, Josei Gonzalez and Arturo Parra. After the event I headed back into Manhattan and picked up my metal frame for my painting and headed back home to Poughkeepsie, New York on the Metro North Train. The Next day Saturday I loaded up my Jeep with 15 paintings that I took to Cartus Corporation in Danbury CT and hung with the help of fellow artist and co-exhibitor Hernan Restrepo and Cartus Corporation Art Curator Bob Everding. Then I was back to Poughkeepsie to have lunch with the family and switch vehicles. I then headed to Manhattan to pick up Jaime Andrade because I wanted to bring him up to the Arts Upstairs Gallery in Phoenicia New York so that he could see our good friend Antonio Perez Melero's exhibition. On the way back home to pick up my wife I was able to talk with Jaime and his stories of the art world were so fascinating to hear. Jaime Andrade has over 40 years of experience in the art world and has met so many superstars of the art world during those years. When we arrived at my home in Poughkeepsie I gave Jaime a tour of my home and showed him my art and the art of other artists that my wife Orsola and I collect including works by Alicea De La Campa, Ana Cifuentes, Antonio Perez Melero, Bill Rybak, Bronson Eden, Bruce Anderson, Emil Malich, Eric Vanwinkle, Franc Palaia, Francesco Clemente, Frank S. Dorsay, Fred Woller, Hector Tayara, Hendrik Dijk, Janka Pestova Sykorova, Joanne Klein, John Hultberg, John Sowley, Joyceanne Wlodarczyk, Judith Singer, Kevin Green, Lynn Fliegel, Michael Asbill, Michael Sibilia, Michael X Rose, Moses Soyer, Patrick Wing, Robert Graham, Roberto Fabello, Steven Ettinger, Yakira Gonzalez and Gavin Owen. After that we headed upstate to Phonicia, New York. We arrived at The Arts Upstairs a little before 7 p.m. and the crowd at the gallery was enormous. It was great to see all the artists I know and was just great to view Antonio's Exhibition. Antonio Perez Melero is a grand master in the arts and has been creating art for over 40 years. The 29 works on display are beautiful and stimulating. I enjoyed talking to many other artists and I love visiting and exhibiting at The Arts Upstairs each month as it is more like a family gathering then an art event. I was also lucky enough to purchase a beautiful pastel that night by artist Gavin Owen to add to my collection. I then took Antonio & Jaime to dinner to celebrate the successful art event and then drove both of them back to Antonio Perez Melero's house in Kerhonkson, NY. The next day Sunday I got up and rode my bike for 8 miles through the Dutchess County Bike Trail. I then returned home and worked on sanding and polishing the frame I had welded on Friday. Once that was finished I mounted my painting Music and Dance on the frame. I then Loaded 3 paintings into my car and went to get cleaned up and dressed for an event later on that day. My Family enjoyed a delicious lunch at my mother in-laws house and then headed to the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY to drop off my three paintings that I had loaded on to the car earlier. At the Howland Cultural Center we met up with Florence Northcutt and chatted briefly as I delivered my work. Then it was off to Queens New York where Euterpe Magazine was celebrating there 40th Year Anniversary. There I met with Hernando Merchand the founder of Euterpe Magazine and later on that evening I received a recognition award from Euterpe Magazine. While at the event I was glad to talk with my good friends Hernando Merchand (Founder of Euterpe Magazine) Arturo Alvarez (Distinguished Journalist and President of Association of Hispanic Poets, Writers and Artists) Elelis Pena (Politician Dominican Republic) Quilvio Fernandez ( Host of 4 cable channel programs in NYC) Millie Colon ( Director of Touro College) Fernando Campos ( Owner of Canales Magazine and President of ACE awards) Hector Ramos ( Owner of El Diario La Prenza and Journalist for over 70 Years) I enjoyed talking with everyone and had a great time. As I drove back home that night I thought how wonderful it is to be an artist in these times and how lucky I am to know such great and sharing people. I then said to my self that I would write this story and share it with other artists and hopefully it will inspire others artists to get out to more events and enjoy the social part of art as much as the creating part of it. This was a Fantastic week and I am sure the future hold many more like it all I have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

A special thanks to my wife Orsola Acosta as all these events and awards would not mean so much to me if I did not have her to share them with. She is the best partner I could wish for and I hope all other artists will have great partners to share there great times and success with as well.

Cuban American Artist and Journalist, Jose Acosta




  Betsy Davison ( homepage )

09/22/2010 * 13:34:35

Fantastic Show!!!! I enjoyed meeting you...finally in person. Your work is just beautiful and those custom made frames are incredible. It is an honor to have you on ArtId and I feel so lucky to be able to visit exhibitions like this one. Your work is just beautiful...

Betsy Davison,
President, ArtId

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