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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Jose Acosta will exhibit at EXODO: 2nd Bronx Latin American Biennial 2010

by JOSE , September 8, 2010—12:00 AM

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EXODO: 2nd Bronx Latin American Biennial 2010

September 16 - November 16

I an very happy that I was invited to exhibit at this event and my painting "Voyage" will be on exhibition.

EXODO: 2nd Bronx Latin American Biennial 2010, sponsored by the Bronx Hispanic Festival (Festival Hispano del Bronx Inc.) gives way to an event designed to foster the creative work as an effort to establish art as a common language in several locations within the Bronx.

In its second installment, the Bronx Biennale of Latin American Art in New York creates alternative spaces for the evolution of developing communities.

It is the intent of the curators to foster Latin American art by leaving an irrefutable testimony of its amazing diversity; they establish the dynamic interrelation art/artist/society illustrated in a living model. The Bronx Latin American Biennale concentrates on the theory of communication as human exchange that entails the creative art and tries to conjugate the global space with the less visible sources of Latin American art. They are determined to turn the event, and our county, into the central point for cultural work at a transnational level.

The Bronx county is home to many ethnic groups, their cultural values resounding to the beat of Irish lyrics, delicious Italian food, the literature of Edgar Alan Poe or the English nature reflected in the architecture of old neighborhoods. It was back in 1813 when Mat__as L_³pez, from Hispanic descent, founded the first local newspaper, The Westchester Patriot. L_³pez set an example to be followed and 150 years later, Puerto Ricans established their presence in an effort to settle down as a community. The immigrants usually face discrimination and in many instances live in financial disadvantage; however, the power of personal growth opened the doors to the Latin American spirit. That is how the Afrocaribbean rhythm made the Bronx be known as the ___Salsa County___, after the now internationally renowned popular music genre. Urban reality has maintained its offensive in the creation of many other contemporary cultural events and alternative expressions, such as Hip-Hop or Graffiti, now within a more diverse framework that highlights the wide range of Hispanics, together with the sense of world citizenship. Just like Mat__as or Caribbean music, the Latin American Art Biennale performs the vitalizing function that is characteristic to social groups in the regeneration of their way of life and values.

This event aspires to reunite a variety of media including photograph, sculpture, electro-digital, painting (includes graffiti on wall), video, graphic, mixed media, performance, installations, and others.


Part of the Biennale, CAJARTE is a collective urban art piece, seeking to stimulate local artists to create pieces constructed with cardboard boxes (18___x48___ distributed by the organizers). All the pieces will be exhibited on the streets and other public places in the Bronx, NY. The works explore public spaces in relation to a daily use material, seeking to project the creative and individual message in a particularly urban environment. Participation is voluntary. All the boxes will be exhibited and installed in several forms.


Bronx Museum Arts Openview Gallery, (Localizada en el Edificio de la Corte del Condado del Bronx) Lincoln Hospital Exhibition Space The Point Gordon Parks Gallery (Localizada en el College of New Rochell, Bronx Campus) Boricua College Art Gallery BronxArtSpace

CURATORS: Alexis Mendoza, Luis Stephenberg, Miguel Lescano

Organization: Bronx Hispanic Festival Inc. Email Address:




  Jose Acosta ( homepage )

02/24/2011 * 08:58:51

Hi Jason

The best thing about art is that you are totally free to create what you wish to create. No rules, so look inside yourself and create something as unique and original as you are. I have an Engineering background so I understand what you are saying. I hope you lots of joy from your current and future creations, Jose


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/08/2010 * 12:07:47

I wish there was somebody in my life at one time who could have told me that the shape of the Sun is whatever I want it to be. I guess you have one up on me, Jose. Silly science background of mine still has me placing things in boxes.

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