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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Jose Acosta exhibits at Jose Marti Freshman Academy

by JOSE , February 1, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Art Show, Contemporary Cuban Art, Cuban-American, Great Leader, Hot Cuban Art, Jose Acosta, Mayor Brian P. Stack

Jose Acosta exhibits at Jos__ Marti Freshman Academy

On Friday January 29, 2010 I had the honor of exhibiting at the Jos__ Marti Freshman Academy in Union City, NJ. The event Inspiraciones De Jos__ Marti was in celebration of the157 year anniversary of the birth of Jos__ Marti the greatest Cuban Patriot ever. Four Cuban Artists were chosen to participate in the art exhibition. The event had over 400 people in attendance including the Union City Board of Commissioners and the Mayor Brian P, Stack. Proclamation Certificates were awarded to 12 teachers and school board members who were born in Cuba or of Cuban decent. The event had great Music and Food. The Marine JROTC team presented the United States Flag for the ceremonies and the star spangled banner was song. The members of the Marine JROTC also helped in preparing the tables and serving the food to the guests. It was a most enjoyable evening and I was glad to see the guests dancing and enjoy this wonderful event provided for free by the wonderful leadership of Brian P. Stack and his staff. A special thanks to the Union City Curator Amado Mora for choosing me to participate in this most wonderful and memorable event. I would also like to thank the Mayor and State Senator Brian P. Stack for awarding me a Citation for my participation. And to all the volunteers including the Marine JROTC team for all their hard work and dedication. Happy Birthday Jos__ Marti you will live on in the hearts of all Cuban Patriots Forever.

Cuban American Artist, Jose Acosta



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