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Jose Acosta Art Blog

20 Paintings by Cuban American Artist Jose Acosta sold to private collectors.

by JOSE , November 30, 2009—12:00 AM

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20 Paintings by Cuban American Artist Jose Acosta sold to private collectors.

On November 28, 2009 Cuban American Artist Jose Acosta completed the sale of 20 paintings from Jose Acosta Studio to private collectors. This agreement will allow Jose a monthly income for the next two years. The private collectors were very happy to be able to acquire this large body of paintings at a reasonable price with payment terms. They were also glad to add more paintings by Jose Acosta to their collection. The paintings will be exhibited at the collectors homes in New York, Florida and Puerto Rico. Jose is very happy that his paintings were purchased by these art collectors and this is what he had to say "I was thrilled with this opportunity to have such a large portion of my paintings go into such a prestigious art collection owned by such great people who I admire very much" Because of the sales of these 20 paintings Jose Acosta Studio was sold out. Jose felt that this was a good time for the sale as it will allow him more space to create two new bodies of work for two Solo shows he will have in the fall of 2010. Jose also kept a few paintings out of the sale as he will be exhibiting those in a group show at UCONN Gallery in Stamford, Connecticut in January 2010.

Jose wishes to thank all his collectors for their support and encouragement. Jose Acosta Studio will not have any paintings for sale until the fall or winter of 2010. If anyone wishes to purchase works by Jose Acosta they can contact the galleries that represent Jose Acosta and currently have his works in stock. Cubarte New York in NYC (4pc), Qbava Gallery in Union City, NJ (2pc), Center Framing & Art in West Hartford, CT (5pc), Arts Upstairs in Phoenicia, NY (2pc), Varga Gallery in Woodstock, NY (2pc) and Exodo Gallery in Puerto Rico (3pc).

Jose would like to add that this was not an overnight deal and that negotiations had been on going for quite some time. The collectors had started acquiring art by Jose Acosta in 2004 and already owned several paintings and sculptures. Jose would also like to point out how important it is for artists to keep their collectors informed about the artist's accomplishments. Remember to invite your collectors to your art events and send them information on your art awards etc___. If collectors invite you to their home make every effort to attend. It is such a great feeling to enter a collector's home and see your art on the walls. You will also form friendships that will last a lifetime.



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