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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Who Will Fill Their Shoes?

by JOSE , November 23, 2009—12:00 AM

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Who Will Fill Their Shoes?

Last Sunday I had the honor of attending the Colegio Nacional de Periodistas de la Rep__blica de Cuba en el Exilio, Delegaci_³n New York - New Jersey Annual Banquet. My friend Arturo Alvarez sponsored me for membership in this great organization and I am very proud to be a member. I could not help but notice that my wife and I were the youngest couple in attendance. The rest of the members were older and some were my fathers age and older. I thought to myself who will continue on this great legacy that has created so many distinguished and legendary people. That question I have often asked of myself at other times and events as my fathers Odd Fellows lodge reunions, and other award celebrations I attend throughout the year. I also thought that same question when I attended an event recently at the Century Club here in NYC. What a magnificent arts organization, with the most beautiful building and a collection of art that is prestigious and breathtaking. It is amazing to see what years of dedication and generosity have accomplished. I hope you know how fortunate we are to live at a time when our generation still has the opportunity to meet so many great legends that are still alive and participating in our society today. I also know that this older generation has been reaching out its younger members so that we are able to fill these positions in the future. I have been asked to participate in many organizations and I do consider it an honor each time I am asked. I can not accept all invites because my time is limited with two jobs and family responsibilities. However I do feel it is important to give back and that is why I always make every effort to participate. We live in a different world where the speed of everything is so much faster then it use to be. When we eat breakfast we want to know what is for lunch. When we eat lunch we want to know what is for dinner etc. When we go on vacation it is like a scavenger hunt, trying to get as much in as possible, during the time we spend on vacation. All this running around just leaves us exhausted instead of fulfilled and rejuvenated. I would hope that our generation will take full advantage of the efforts and generosity that our older and wiser generation is making available to us. we should also try to learn more about our family history and the people that we admire. I look forward to continuing to meet and learn from these heroes of mine so that I will be able to pass that knowledge and those opportunities to our younger generation in the future. God Bless America.

Cuban-American Artist Jose AcostaI



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