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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Robert Graham the Best Sculptor Ever.

by JOSE , July 23, 2009—06:20 PM

Topics: Art Gallery, Art Show, Cuban-American, Jose Acosta, Robert Graham

Robert Graham the Best Sculptor Ever.

I did not find out that Robert Graham had passed away till I turned the page in Art News magazine in March of 2009 to see that he had left us on December 27, 2008. To me he was a Hero and a Great Gentlemen not to mention the Best Sculptor ever. I had seen him only a year before and he was strong happy and so full of life, I thought he would last forever. I got to speak with him about his Sculpture and thank him for His Book that he had sent me in 2006. I love his work and I feel it is full of emotion and wonder just as us humans are. His work is very beautiful but Robert Graham was even more beautiful in his approach to life and how he treated everyone around him, He was Solid Gold. I have two pictures of Robert Graham in my studio and I look at them often and wonder what he would think about my creations? I do know that my life was changed for the better for knowing him if only for a brief time and I do thank God for that. My Condolences go out to his Family & Friends and I hope they are comforted by all the beautiful works and memories he left behind for all of us to enjoy. Robert you are missed and loved and you will always be in our Hearts, Minds & Prayers.

Cuban-American Artist, Jose Acosta



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