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Jose Acosta Art Blog

Once Again I have beat back the Wolf at the Door.

by JOSE , June 2, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Cuban-American, Jose Acosta

I painted the Wolf at the Door in 2007 before the economic meltdown but during a time when I felt the country was in a recession and things would only get worse before they got better. You see the Wolf at the Door is my Wolf not America's and I know him well. Over the years I too have had cycles of ups and downs and times of extra cash and also short of cash. Still I have managed to beat back the wolf at the door many times and have grown stronger from the experiences. I know America will bounce back soon and all Americans will once again live in the land of plenty, hopefully we have all learned a bit from this experience and will be better prepared for the next down cycle that will inevitably come again. I have started paying off all credit card debt, put some money on the side and keep better track of my spending. Yes I have had to do without the new car, vacations, and luxury items but the peace of mind has been well worth it. I hope all people reading this are encouraged to beat back your Wolf at the Door and lead a happier and healthier life. You see the best things in life are not free, but being free to do what you love in life is the best feeling ever.

Best Wishes to Everyone. Cuban American Artist Jose Acosta




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

06/02/2009 * 18:57:12

Ah, the wolf at the door, and so delightfully done. I know him well as we've had a few rounds over the years. A few years ago some people were telling me I was foolish to continue to live in my fully paid for but "dated" (and small by recent standards) 1970s house as my money could be working for me and I'd have great interest deductions with a new house. I smiled and said I liked not having house payments, remembering the stress over bills we had during the 1980s recession. I especially love the last sentence of your blog piece. Caroline

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