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Jose Acosta Art Blog

What is Cuban-American Contemporary Art?

by JOSE , March 19, 2009—06:01 PM

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I would like to believe that I create Cuban-American Contemporary Art. The Ideas come from my Mind & Heart. My colors depict the sense of happiness I feel in the world around me. My paintings are created with hard work and time and I use only the best materials. I stretch my canvas, and make my own stretcher bars. I also weld my own galvanized frames and polish them as well. My paintings are bright and full of energy. I have good sales and my art events attract several hundred guests and these events are more like a house party, then a fancy Art Opening. My family and I provide our guest with Cuban & Italian Food and I hire a band "Orchesta de Los Taino" to entertain our guest. You see coming from a Cuban Family you learn to enjoy parties and celebrations throughout your life. If for only one day a year I can give a little bit of that festive feeling back to our community, then it is all worthwhile, and that makes me happy. I also have to thank my great supporters who help me with exhibition opportunities, selling my work, and all those that collect my work, whom without I would be unable to afford to create these events. To all these people I own a lot, as the satisfaction I get from creating my Art is the best feeling ever. I do feel I am creating new and old art at the same time. As I do know art history well enough to know how hard it was for past Cuban-American Artist to be accepted and appreciated. All those artist had to sacrifice a lot and work hard to change people's attitudes about Cuban-American art, today I am able to create the work I do because of them. I may not create the Bland & Colorless work that is seen in most Galleries, Museums & Magazines today with the claim that it is Contemporary Cuban-American Art. And that is because that work has no connection to my Cuban Roots and has no appeal to me, as it does not relate to my Cuban Heritage. So yes I would rather create art related to my Cuban culture then try to copy the minimalism of the European & American Art of today. As Cuban-Americans from my Generation are able to afford bigger spaces to live in, and also able to purchase art, I hope they will collect art that says something to them, art they enjoy looking at and truly love. As for all those Galleries that pushed the high price and empty art that was so popular before the recession they will soon find out just as did Wall Street Banks that the Emperor was naked and bear. People have been tricked into following the advice of others for too long. Soon art will once again be bought by collectors because they like the work and are confident enough in their own opinions and abilities to buy with their hearts, then they will buy what they truly love, Not the style or flavor of the day. Then these collectors will be able to enjoy and feel proud of the art they own. What Art will end up being the Cuban-American Contemporary art of the future, no one knows. But I hope it will be full of life, color, and pride like the Cuban-American Artist that will be creating it. I also hope this art will be affordable as I do feel that original art should be within the grasp of all, not just the fortunate few. I decided to write this article because too few artists stand up for what they believe in these days, much less write about it, for fear of insulting the establishment. But the Cuban-American artists from the past risked everything and protested to get their art into the public's eye, and to get more exhibition opportunities in museums. And to those brave artists I dedicate this article.

Cuban-American Artist Jose Acosta.



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