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John Phillip Davis About

John Phillip Davis describes his Abstract painting as Post-Modern and Non-Representational. Before becoming a fulltime painter, Davis worked 10 years in the film and video business as Art Director. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Grand View College in both Graphic Design and Visual Art. Davis has been a fulltime painter for six years and. He has representation around the U.S. and serves markets worldwide. Add Comment


Born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1968, John Phillip and his family moved east to Dayton, Ohio soon after his birth where his father served as Dean and President of a Smaller Private Bible College. Growing up in this segment of academia John Phillip admits that it not only served as a great conduit for aestheticism but also the importance of emotion and mystery as it pertains to the human experience; the polarities of life, the irony and the muscular play of forces which are very evident in his work.

When looking at the work of John Phillip a few things come to the forefront. Muscularity is one. Davis relies not solely but significantly on actual and implied texture. Having had an extensive career in design, 3d modeling and animation; when similar principles are applied to a flat surface a unique quasi-dimensional aspect is appears. Another significant attribute is the almost inescapable polarities involved. Davis weaves a visual tapestry challenging the viewer to accord the beauty of line and composition with the ___controlled___ chaos at work on the surface. Davis asserts that he hopes that the overall result is a pleasant but unexplained passion that grows with the viewer.

Having studies and worked largely with mixed disciplines, Davis__™ influences are as mixed. From classical Renaissance works by Michelangelo and Conova, to moderns such as Rauschenberg, Dekooning & Geiger just to name but a few, the result is a strength of line, a solidity in suggested motion on the surface and an adherence to the vibrancy and passion of the uneven and opposed married together. In fact Davis most particularly classifies his process as ___reactive___. He asserts that with his background heavily in ornate religious backdrops as a child and his business career in design and animation, the result is a product that has weight, age, and yet is distinct, clear and viable.


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