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Everything You Need To Know About Century Grappling Dummy VS2
Everything You Need To Know About Century Grappling Dummy VS2
300" x 300" x 300"

Everything You Need To Know About Century Grappling Dummy VS2

In case you have come across another review, you are probably aware that the Century punching bags are most people's favorite. The reason behind that is that the Versys bags are high quality and can last you a very long time. When the Versys came along, most people could not wait to get their hands on them. The line comes in three distinct versions and we will be looking at the Century Versys Grappling Dummy. The VS2 Versys grappling simulator, as the name would suggest was designed for grappling and not punching. Of course, you could use it for some lighter kicks as well as some punches on its standing position on occasion but if you use any kind of force on it, it would go probably fall with it being just 50 pounds. This is a grappling bag and it will really serve that purpose in case that's what you want to practice on, actually, this is one of the best in the market for grappling. The VS2 was designed to stand upright, which makes it really easier to practice any kind of throws, takedowns a well as grappling techniques. If you are practicing judo, wrestling or Brazilian jiu-jitsu then this is the bag for you, it comes with sturdy poly foam that see to it that it lasts very long. The bag comes with two arms that can be used in standup training as well as on the ground. It comes with three legs to keep it sturdy while you train and you can use them for leg practice like leg locks. You can watch a video here As mentioned above, the bag is quite light with 50 pounds but even though lighter than most, the weight can allow you, more versatility and you don't need to worry about sustaining any injuries in the process. The Century VS2 stands at least 60 inches tall, which makes it good enough for most people to train with. The VS2 is made with a very flexible material, which absorbs blows pretty well, and it springs back quite well once you are done with the training. This makes it one of the best bags in the market and the best one in grappling. The VS2 is very durable and it will last a long time and the fact that its lightweight means that you can move it anyway you like as well as anywhere you want to train, you can also store it once you are done with it. Get more info here.