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New Book by William f. Reese

by johnkilroy , February 2, 2009—12:22 PM

Topics: William F. Reese, fine art education, great living artist, painting, painting from life, plein air, teaching

If you haven't seen the work of Bill Reese, here's your chance. If you don't know about Bill or his superb artwork, this new book of his is a great overview of his enormous depth and breadth as an artist. Bill is one of the most talented, dedicated and hardworking artists I know of and the absolute model of what is truly fine and positive about humanity.

Even though you may not of heard of him, Bill really IS that great, even if he is a very low key kind of guy.

This is one of those must-have books. It is a true classic. High-end knowledge translated in a way that an artist at any experience level can grasp and utilize. Very clear and plain-spoken just like Bill is. Beautiful images and great knowledge aside, this is an extremely inspiring book and a true labor of love.

It just so happens that he is serving up a big "Plate 'O Reese" and now you can get a heaping spoonful in two flavors. Hard or soft cover. Well printed.


Get it here: http://www.williamfreesecom/books.html ... Order the Book directly from Bill

"The Painter's Process" by William F. Reese, forward by Mary N. Balcomb. Reese discusses his philosophy, the process of painting, and his own approach to such subjects as color, edges, and perspective, among other topics. Includes a Q & A section with questions put forth by others. 78 full color plates, 157 pages, 8×10.

Softcover - $60 Plus $5 shipping within US and State sales tax in Washington. International shipping extra.

Hardcover - $80 Plus $5 shipping within US and State sales tax in Washington. International shipping extra.



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